CLUB 301

I got my start playing drums at my Grandpas Dance Hall, called Club 301, at the age of 5. For 45 years my grandparents Carlton and Estelle Link ran and owned 301 Dance Hall and always had a very loyal following that supported My Familys Music. Following in my Papa's footsteps, I aim to carry that tradition on into the future and that's why I am proud to launch my continuation of Club301 right here on my website. Club301 is for the person that is not a fan of but a Believer in what I am doing and like family to me. A person that doesn't ride the train when its rolling but wants to help build it grassroots from the ground up with me. To enable Me to carry on my family's musical legacy and Live My Dream. Its because of You that every artist that you or I know of has a career in music. Just like My Papa made music on his own terms I wanna do that too and I know I can if I have folks stay true to me and in return I always give the best show and music that I have to give. The goal for me is to create a personal chain between the people that listen to my music and myself that is so strong that it doesnt answer to or need any powers that be to "Make It". My Grandma told me when I told her I wanted to make music as my profession that it is a hard road but it sure does help when you have people that believe in you. So with that I wanna say Thank You if you decide to become a member of Club301. I'll do my best to make it worth it. And I sure do appreciate it.