As in the usual case of an independent artist it is usually the artist writing their own bio which usually comes off horribly generic and lonesome.  Like stale oatmeal.  Or wheat bread without ham.  So here is mine.  I am a country singer simply by the twang in my voice and the way i was raised.  If you are looking for authentic you are at the right place for better or worse.  But i love all types of music. I have been described as the love child that Hank Jr, Kenny Chesney, The Beatles, Nirvana, Brad Paisley, John Mayer, and The Rock had.  That's a weird mashup.  Why The Rock? Cuz I Love wrestling and his promos and most of my mic smack talk come from him and also my Papa.  I grew up on a big tobacco farm owned by my Papa and he also owned a dance hall and radio station.  I started playing drums at the dance hall and djing at the radio station when i was 5 and I have been obsessed with music ever since.  Maybe that's because he told me i had two choices.  Farming or Music. Trust me, Music is easier.  To be like my Uncle Marty I took up lead guitar, begged him to put me in his band Night Train, and now I play lead guitar, banjo, and some piano on all my records to try to be like him.  Well at least the guitar part.  The banjo is cause he played fiddle so i chose banjo.  The piano is cuz I needed to honor my mama cuz she plays a mean piano at church every week.  O, and I write most all of my songs.  And co write A lot.  Nod out to all my McCartneys as i want to be Lennon.  I have played over 10000 shows from a dance hall in V.A. to driving 4 hours round trip 6 nights a week for a Lido Inn house gig before moving to Nashville, then playing every honky tonk poe down juke joint across the country before playing 12 hour shifts at Legends, Crossroads, and The Stage on Broadway, and of course getting fired a few times for doing it too much my way.  And now I am trying to get back where i started.  On the radio.  Or if not the radio simply the goal is to be able to get as many people as possible to hear the kind of music I make.  And to have a bazillion people be touched in one way or another by my music so I can hopefully help some people like they've helped me and take care of my family. Speaking of my family I am blessed with the most awesome, beautiful daughter and the most gorgeous woman in the world as my lady and by the rest of my amazing awesome family.  And they are not all blood.  I hope you have enjoyed this wonderfully scattered out bio and have learned a little bit about me.  Part two will come when i actually do something.  I wanna make music for the rest of my life.  Bad ass music.  I gotta hurry up cuz Grandma's still waiting.